Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Workers' Compensation Attorney

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation system involves a complex system of laws and regulations. Harris & Leonard, P.A. has been helping injured workers for over 24 years. If you or a loved one has been injured on-the-job, call to schedule a free consultation.

The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act provides certain benefits to injured workers, including:

  • Time to heal
  • Light duty work
  • Disability check while out of work
  • Medical treatment
  • Payment for permanent impairment or loss of earning capacity
  • Mileage expense

Light duty vs. full duty: An employer often says they will provide light duty work, yet expect full duty production. At Harris & Leonard, P.A. we will not tolerate an employer who mistreats their employees in violation of the Workers’ Compensation laws.

Insurance adjusters will often try to withhold benefits or deny them altogether. At Harris & Leonard, P.A., we will not allow insurance adjusters to push you around. Benefits will be received in a timely fashion.

If you, a friend, or family member has been injured on-the-job, call Attorney Leonard at (843) 651-0202 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.